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tv   Local 12 News at 11  CBS  March 22, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> rob: good evening everybody, it is the middle of the night in brussels tonight but police have within trying to find every bit
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>> cammy: bombs went off twice at the airport. raids have turned up chemicals more bomb making materials and an islamic state flag. >> reporter: passengers ran in panic after a bomb exploded in the departures area of brussels airport. >> it was not something that fell on the ground. you fete kind of shocks. >> reporter: police say these are the suspects. investigators believe the two men in black blew themselves up. there is a man hunt for the third suspect. about an hour later a bomb tore
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people scrambled through the tunnels to safety. belgian security forces found an explosive device. americans are among the injured. one the blasts also knocked this man to the ground. he played college basketball in michigan. his father spoke to his son on the phone. >> he saw people dead and people die, i'm sure that he stay with him for the rest of his life. >> cammy: a short time ago, the state department issued a travel alert for americans in all of europe.
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in all public places. the department of homeland security says there is no threat of the copy cat attack. >> rob: a spoke with vice president joe by iden about whether or not people should come home. >> that is up to the individuals and families to make. >> cammy: some people in our
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and what happened. >> reporter: we spoke with a woman who lived in brussels for three years with her family and a local restaurant owner what was from belgium. between shuttling her children, she kept a close eye on her phone. >> i was concerned about my friends that are still. >> reporter: one of her friends was injured in the blast at the airport. >> he was the lucky one though. because there were a lot more severe cases than his. >> reporter: hook and her family live insist the suburb of brussels. >> you have a religions people
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and while you might have different viewpoints, everybody wants to engage in conversation. >> reporter: at taste of belgium in over the rien. his parents were supposed to be travelling but they are home safe. >> it is shocking that people are dying for no reason. >> reporter: hook is also tray trying to make sense of the accepts senseless. >> i hope it never happens again. they are really the last country that deserves it. it is a wonderful place.
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saying she would like to go back to brussels because she misses is. >> cammy: she says she has flown into the airport and never felt unsafe. >> rob: this comes with a certain amount of international concern. >> to date what we are doing really is going after our enemy about drones putting in effort to gain intelligence. if we are not capturing people, we are not getting intelligence. >> cammy: that leads us to a poll, do you think the terror
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by at 3-1 margin most of you say yes. >> rob: we will continue to bring you the latest developments on this story. if anything breaks during this broadcast we will let you know right away. >> cammy: and moving on to breaking news tonight in over the rhine. that's where a man was shot. just outside washington park. police say his wounds are not serious. they have not released any details on the shooting. >> rob: now to a story you will see here, they promised a crack down on the shootings and the people responsibly. angela ingram is in the west end tonight with their story. >> reporter: last summer there was a spike? shootings in the west end and
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cincinnati police as well asfederal agent. today, they want back to the neighbor to let people know there has been arrested in those cases. cincinnati police are pleasant has they meet with people who live here. but they were serious during their talks letting neighbors know that the people responsible for an uptick in shootings are being held accountable. >> those that were putting the consequences. >> reporter: police have arrested people and put their faces on the fly ers that they
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>> we had a double homicide, multiple assaults, some of the these in the early day. one incident was a young man walking to school. >> reporter: it is clear the people who love the west end want to see changes. >> i got bullet holes everywhere. >> it is a lot of really loss lot of senseless violence that's going on. i have six sons and one daughter. >> reporter: and even the youngest neighbors recognize the importance of stopping violent crime. and place want to make it clear that the people who were on the flier were arrest but have not been convicted.
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cases for people they believe are connected to violent crime. >> rob: thanks very much. investigators are looking at federal charges for some of the cases, that means stiffer sentences. >> cammy: you see the breeze blowing there. >> rob: the wind is brings some weather. >> those rains brought us up to the mid-60s but it is still windy. the wind is around 18 miles per hour. but we still have some breezy condition, we will have that throughout the night. they will calm down through sunrise but it is milder. lower 60s more middle town and a few of us sinking into the 50s. but i think we stay pretty mild
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we also stay dry but we do have those high and midlevel clouds around for your morning commute. you don't have to expect any rain but we have chance later in the day. coming up in ten minutes we will track the rain for you throughout the day tomorrow and thursday. >> cammy: thanks, erica. a local police chief has had enough of the bomb threats at school. >> rob: and only on local 12, a
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in >> rob: well it is only tuesday and each bay this week a bomb threat has shut down a school in north college high school, so they are trying something everything. >> we don't want them bringing in book bags, purses, we just want them coming into school and sitting in their desk and being ready to learn. >> rob: they have the pretty good idea of who called in the threats yesterday and today. they hope taking these steps will stop the calls while the police also control what goes in and out of the school buildings. >> cammy: in the race for the white house it is primary night in arizona, idaho and utah and we are awaiting the early returnings. while the polls close, in arizona, many people are still voting. in the phoenix area of lines were around the block.
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on the supreme court has been a political hot po ta to. they are using the so called "biden" rule. >> the rule was, everything r everyone who not nominated got a chance to meet with every member of the committee. every single one of them got a hearing. because the constitution says the senate will advise them. you just have to consider them. why spread the dysfunction, i really mean this, the dysfunction that exists today. >> rob: my complete interview
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online now at >> cammy: this video wa taken march 7th. the bailiff pushed him back into his chair. words were exchanged and the violence escalated. he is still on the job tonight a special prosecutor is now looking into possible charges. >> rob: learning to ride a bike is like at rite of passage for kids. this kid may get that chance. >> reporter: he spends a lot of time watching videos on his ipad, he has never and able to
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he has been born with a brain malformation. he requires around the clock super vision. >> think about all the things you do, we do it four ourselves and for him. >> reporter: right now, most of his interests lie indoors but his mom thinks she found a way for him to enjoy the great outdoors. >> it has a special seat in the front. >> reporter: this bike would cost the family thousands of dollars so they are hoping to win it as part of the great bike give away. >> there are very few outdoor activities that i can enjoy with him.
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roller coasters provide sensory development for him. >> rob: he needed to one it contest and he needed your vote to do it. we put a link on look for the get it link section under the news tab. maybe you can help him. >> cammy: i hope he wins. i think there was a tv on in this shot and you are doing the weather in the background. >> we saw a beautiful day. it was windy but nice. take a look at this. what is this? a park. there was some folks getting out and enjoying the 60s that we
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we will continue to have nice weather until thursday, thursday is the day you will needed rain gear, so kind of put that in the back of your mind. tomorrow we just have a slight chance of the couple of showers but we are dry now. high midlevel clouds around now. temperatures are still so mild, 60 at the airport. lower 60s for hamilton, it feels so nice out there. upper 50s in georgetown. west union, 61 and we still have winds close to 20 miles per hour. these are constant winds out of the southwest direction. that's why we will stay mild overnight. in addition to the clouds keeping us warm, those higher wind speeds also keep the temperatures up.
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not tracking rain until thursday. tonight we fall down into the upper 40s. mostly cloudy skies. but we may have some thinning of the clouds late in the day but a chance for a couple of stray showers with the moisture we will have around. that is the to west and northwest. a lot of us are going to stay dry. just a slight chance. the really moves on thursday. by 7:00, morning commuters a couple of scattered showers.
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the wettest time frame. some of those storms may be aly more potent. just be aware of that. thursday night, we do dry out and friday we will be a bit cooler. the storms prediction center, that is what you call a marginal risk. very slight chance for some strong to severe storms that will be our threat for thursday afternoon and evening. tomorrow just at stray showers, temperatures will start out at 50. we are still pretty breezy on thursday. we listen fine tuning that forecast tonight and tomorrow. 63 for a high on thursday.
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only up to the upper 40s. mostly sunny on saturday, still looking at the chance for a couple of showers on easter but that will be later in the day on sunday. temperatures will still make it into the 60s so a pretty mild easter. then monday and tuesday, 58, 60 degrees. but that's about it. >> rob: thanks very much.
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just keeps on churning about the >> aly: there last second loss has taken a back seat to news out the las vegas that unlv wants mick cronin astheir new head coach. there is no doubt that cronin it their top candidate.
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tonight, that mick is expected to travel west in the next few days. >> of course he can't speak for cronin but i talked to former virginia tech coach and asked him to weigh in on everything that has been thrown around. >>caller: i think his frustration is not with cincinnati. it is the situation with the league it my gut feeling. i think mick loves cincinnati. he has a great relationship with his president and his athletic director. i'm sure he is probably frustrated with the league situation.
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more on he weighs in on pros and cons. another name being mention, travis steel. he has been with the muskies for seven seasons. this year marks first year that women basketballnate champions in all divisions will be crowded in the same city. the championship weekend capped it all off, the only thing, the thomas moore saints have over two weeks to wait until they play tufts for the title. >> i think it will be a very good thing. you want to be consistent in how
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of playing two games a week but you adapt. you try to stay in the practice. and get as much play in.
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he allowed four runs. simon on the other hand, in his first outing pitches three perfect innings. spring. >> obviously it has been a long stretch since i played. i'm excited to be out here. when you get something you love taken away from you and you
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that much harder to >> cammy: well way at difference a few minutes can make. cbs news is projecting that hillary clinton and donald trump has won the arizona primary. >> rob: recounting the terrorist attacks in brussels, 34 people are dead. evidence has been found that more attacks may have been in the works.
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and bomb making materials. we will bring you the latest developments on good morning cincinnati. >> cammy: final check of
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>> breezy 60 degrees >> jon: stephen colbert! ( band playing intro music ) ( cheers and applause ) captioning sponsored by cbs


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